The space for creating the CEN-PDX plan which tells the compelling story about what we're building.


Okay, here are some brief thoughts:


The MetaCurrency Project is building a series of tools that allow for Open Currencies.  Open Currencies allow many things that closed currencies do not.  To date, there have been almost no Open Currencies since the fundamental infrastructure has not existed.  The MetaCurrency Project is designing protocols to enable this technological infrastructure. 


What happens when a team of people, for whatever reason, mismangage a currency?  This happens all the time, and the users of the currency usually suffer.  What we need is the ability for currencies to evolve openly to fit the needs of the community that is using them.  This process is analogous to "forking" an open source software project.  In the same way software can be added to and changed to fit the needs of the users, open currencies can too. 


For a currency to be open it has to use an open transport layer, so that any currency can transact using the same network.  New currencies can be created without the need to recreate a transport network.  Access to the network is not contingent on using any one currency, but is rather OPEN to all currencies.


The MetaCurrency Project allows for MANY projects to have the infrastructure for evolving currencies to suit their needs without being dependent on one another.  Consider this AUTONOMOUS COLLABORATION.