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Communities of Engagement

The website hosting the community's processes:


Transmedia Branding


A circle of flow for mapping and connecting the field of free currencies.


Membrane currencies: 

On the outside of the circle looking and exploring.
Active in the community without any particular designations of skill and experience.
Skilled to perform many of the practices independently.
Has attained skills and eperience that make them highly qualified on the Community of Practice, and is a teacher for those approaching the center how ...
A member of the inner circle supporting the vision holders.
Holder of the formless unmanifest intentions of the circle.
This represents the general capability of a full declared member of the community.  Each community sets the criteria for members in good standing, and in ...

Flow currencies: 

Community Credit
A mutual credit currency for a community of purpose.  This type of currency is issued and redeemed by individuals to support the exchange of value ...
Enterprise currency
What has been referred to as the "WE" in flowplace contexts.  This is a currency issued by a collective body to acknowledge work contributed to ...






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