1. Grow community of practice of people who want to design/implement/spread/apply/tinker/use flows to support communities and projects.
  2. Provide a space for self-reflective use of currencies to manage/support/engage flows of participation.
  3. Develop a "culture" which people can be immersed in where flow/currency distinctions are spoken.

(The purpose is primarily conversational/dialectical/educational, there will reflection of peoples projects within the guild as part of the dog-food purpose, but to start with the purpose not specifically action/project oriented)


Context for engagement

  1. How do we frame the invitation to participate with this community/guild?
  2. People are peers... bringing their own wisdom, learning from others NOT a "commandments from on high" space where you come to receive "training."
  3.  Cross-fertilization
  4.  Honoring of diverse gifts/talents/contributionstributions
  5.  The community is intended to include:
    • Different schools of thought with certifications or levels of development/achievement within those schools.
    • Domains of practice: economic development, community building, incentives/rewards, living systems, etc.living systems, etc.
    • The ability for "experts" / projects to define their own measures of "success."

Membranes / Interfaces

  •   Other communities of practice could be "declared" get their own domain name, etc. (using the same toolset)
  •   Who is "chomping at the bit" to get in?
  •   Who is the community of practice?