The website hosting the community's processes:




We intend establish a collaborative community for Illinois Politics.  We intend to design, implement and evolve social and technical process tools for community building, including new currency tools.


Lincoln's List is a non-partisan PAC (Pollitical Action Committy) being developed.  The intent is to co-create a new political will from the bottom up, and to empower ourselves as citizens.  Processes will be collectively created to:

  1. Design legislation -- we will need to advance the field of consensus creation across scales to effectively converge on practical legislation in alignment with best collective knowledge.
  2. Support Candidates -- Raise money and connect volunteers to candidates that best support collectively held goals.
  3. Pass Legislation -- Keep the network informed as candidates get into office and submit legislation in session.  Organize citizen actions and communication to officeholders.
In order to do all of that, we will create and use "membrane currencies" for community governance, and flow currencies to acknowledge contributions.

Membrane currencies: 

Flow currencies: