New Currency Frontiers in Education

After reading this today, I realized this type of currency happens consistenly in high schools across the countries.  Teachers cannot pay students to contribute to the school community.  However, the concept of "Extra Credit Points" has driven students to trade their motivation and/or assistance for barter-type rewards. 


Imagine what it would be like, if in the real world, the economy was a mirror image...Not only working for a grade (cash), but also for extra credit points (favors in the community - i.e. Childcare, groceries, meals at restuarants). 


My question is:  How do we inspire this in our youth to help kickstart the concept - make it a norm for the younger generation? 





Hi there, I'm in the process of setting up the Sunshine Bank which trades in a form of 'extra credit points'. Our currency is called Lumins - short for luminosity. For every positive action you bring to yourself, your communities and our planet, the Bank will deposit 1 Lumin into your account. You can share your Lumins with others that you are linked to on the Bank. In this way, we begin to engage in a new language of recognition - we see each other for what they bring to the world. I'm keen to interest schools, charities, doctors, businesses in this as i believe it gives us a new way of relating to each other. Imagine teachers recognising their pupils (and vice versa!), charities their volunteers, businesses their staff and clients and you begin to see the potential scope for this project.

  --James Togut.....Sun Sep 05 11:42:31 -0700 2010