1. Ask Questions: Talking about the new economy usually triggers a healthy mix of fear, excitement and curiousity in people. What burning questions do you have about what happens next?
  2. Spread the Word: Do you know other people who you want to engage in this dialogue? Start talking with them about it. Have them read this brief introduction. Convene a discussion group. Talk about it. Blog about it. Tweet about it.
  3. Invent Answers: This is new territory. We don't have a monopoly on the insights about how the massive shift in the underlying ingredience of our economy will play out. Share your ideas. Tell your stories. Help cast light on this mysterious new terrain.
  4. Use Our Tools: Explore using new currencies in the flowplace. Look at how they could be useful in your life, your business and your community. Need a babysitting exchange? A tool library? A network of trusted advisors? Implement them where they'll provide value.  Get others using them with you.
  5. Help Build the "Open Source" Economy: We're building the core platforms and protocols for open currencies and a value commons at the Metacurrency Project. If you're a programmer, geek, tester or power user, come help us.
  6. Paint a Picture: In images, dance or words... Help us paint the picture of a world with a rich ecosystem of currencies which honor many kinds of value.  If you didn't have to spend most of your time and energy just trying to keep up with bills in a hamster-wheel-economy, what real value would you be contributing?
  7. Contribute: During this transitional phase between economies. Those of us working on the platforms and systems for the next economy still need to keep the bills paid in the old economy. Hurry up and translate current financial assets into a useful foothold in the next economy, because those gems left on the sunken ship won't be worth much.