What is a currency?

What is a currency? - While I know we are still trying to arrive at a really solid definition of this, I think it might be useful to explain in laymen's terms what we mean when we use that word.  It certainly frames the conversation very differently from how people are predisposed to thing about something called "metacurrency."


To bring a wider audience up to speed on our ontologies, the way we use terms like currency.

General Interest

This card is a tag or category to represent people who are interested in the topic of currencies whether from the perspective of alternative currency efforts and advocacy, or just interested in how money is created in financial institutions and how that is evolving.


User Stories:

Put stories here about real or potential people with a general interest in currencies.  Get personal as to what drives people to seek out this space.


  • Currency is not just money
  • Currencies are like the footprints in the snow (recording things that happened in ways that allow others to coordinate their future actions).
  • Currencies are how communities interact with flows
  • Healthy flows make healthy systems.