flow-centric model of reality


We are uncovering a new approach to "science" which connects instead of disconnects, which unites instead of separates.  It's not really that the methods change much, as much as the starting point. 

Typically, we look at everything like it's an interesting machine. We stand outside it and carefully observe its parts and functions.  We call this "science."  It is illuminating to discover that this word comes from the same root as "scissors," "schism" and "schitzo" - meaning "to cut, to separate." And we wonder why we feel so separate and disconnected (from ourselves, from nature, from each other, from spirit, from the consequences of our actions).

Flow vs. objects

Principles of Flow
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Until we reclaim humanity as a part of nature partaking in the evolution of a living system (from with that system) we will keep spinning our wheels.