About This Site

New Currency Frontiers is a place for people to collaborate:

Most people think the items in the list above sound rather different (and probably a little far out there). Fundamentally they're different angles of looking at the same thing. And each of these different angles generate so much insight about the thing we're looking at, that it's hard to give any of them up.

With this web site, we hope to find words to share what we've discovered so that others can glimpse it too.  This may require loosening your grip on some things that you THINK you already know. Maybe the current models of economics, language, society, evolution and even the structure of matter itself are a bit primitive. We certainly cling to their comfort even in the face of striking contrary evidence.

That clinging keeps us stuck. Asking wrong questions. Solving wrong problems. Focusing on dead-end solutions. Spinning our wheels.

We think we've found a way out of the mud.  Would you like to come with us?  

The view is very interesting from here.